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Aerospace Grade Titanium Chopsticks

The best material available for utensils. Strong, light-weight and non-toxic. With TWINZ, we hope to usher in the next era of chopsticks - reusable, resilient, and healthy utensils for everyday use.


The Unhealthy Facts about Disposable Chopsticks

There are countless articles available online espousing the hidden dangers of disposable chopsticks. However, we decided to ellucidate the truth for ourselves by doing some important tests.

Watch our video to see the hidden truth about disposable chopsticks

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All-In-One Chopsticks Carrying Pouch

In designing the all-in-one carrying case for our TWINZ chopsticks, straw and rest. Made with natural materials, it allows the chopsticks to breathe, with continued exposure to open, fresh air. This keeps both the pouch and the chopsticks themselves free from the risk of bacteria growth.

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Maximize your Asian cuisine eating experience

Along with the pouch, we’ve included a compact chopstick holder. Perfect for propping up your pair of TWINZ during eating, this stand will keep your chopsticks out of contact with potentially contaminated surfaces.

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