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Premium Titanium Chopsticks

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TWINZ Benefits

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1. Bacteria Resistant

Titanium, thanks to its anti-bacterial characteristics, inhibits the growth of germs and other harmful pathogens. Because its non-porous and non-stick nature, nothing seeps inside, both keeping the integrity in tact and making it extremely easy to clean.

2. Recyclable

TWINZ chopsticks are 100% recyclable. The recycled titanium can be turned into titanium feedstock and become easily reused for other useful products.

3. Strong & Light-weight

Titanium is among the strongest and most durable metals on the planet: it retains the inherent ability to resist rust and corrosion. On top of this, titanium is extremely lightweight, making it the perfect option for an everyday carry.

4. Sustainable

As soon as you stop using the disposable alternatives and begin to carry your own pair of reusable chopsticks, you have begun to save the trees. Each meal enjoyed with TWINZ chopsticks is another step closer to a greener world.

  • Specs: 9.2 x 0.3 in / 233 x 7.2 mm

  • Weight: 0.2oz / 6g

  • Material: 100% Aerospace Grade Titanium


The Unsustainable Disposable Chopsticks

Over 20 million mature trees were logged annually worldwide…

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Whether you choose to switch to TWINZ or other reusable type of Chopsticks, you have begun to save the trees and protect the environment, thank you!